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EAU Patient Information launches extensive materials on prostate cancer Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

The EAU continues to expand its tools for improving relations between doctors and patients in Europe and around the world. A comprehensive set of EAU Patient Information leaflets on Prostate Cancer is now available online. The leaflets can also be downloaded for offline use. This new publication is an important milestone, given the need for clear and reliable information on prostate cancer.

“The prevalence of prostate cancer in the average urology practice makes this topic particularly suited for patient-oriented information,” explained Prof. Thorsten Bach (DE), EAU Patient Information Project Consultant. “For one thing, multiple interest groups publish information about potential treatment options or even cures. These publications range from serious information to low-level commercial advertisements concealed as patient information. Most people are not able to distinguish between the high-quality and the misleading information,” Bach continued.

EAU15: Last chance for a lower fee! Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

Last chance for a lower fee! Over €100 discount.

Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

Join us at Europe’s biggest urological event, held in Madrid from 20-24 March. Register now for the late registration fee: you can still benefit from the lower fee until 9 February.

More than 14,000 visitors are expected to attend the 30th edition of the Annual EAU Congress. We have 5 days full of state-of-the art lectures, live surgery, presentations, courses and debates. For a sneak preview on the debates between medical specialists to be expected in Madrid, watch the discussion of doctor Volpe and professor Van Poppel about a the controversies in the management of renal masses.

New Male LUTS/BPE Educational Platform Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail
Just Launched: NEW Male LUTS/BPE Educational Platform

This new Educational Platform provides freely available content on male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and benign prostatic enlargement (BPE). Provided by Elsevier European Urology.

Dear Mr. Shulyak

Male LUTS/BPE is a freely accessible platform providing healthcare professionals in urology with up-to-date information on developments in the field of LUTS and BPE. LUTS/BPE are very common in older men, making LUTS/BPE management a significant part of urological practices. The Male LUTS/BPE educational platform will enable urology professionals to stay on top of those developments that are likely to impact diagnosis, treatment and patient management.

What Are the Preferred Modalities in the Diagnosis and Local Staging of Renal Masses? Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the 3rd most common urological malignancy in adults and has become one of the top five solid cancers in men and women.* Advances in imaging technology allow for early detection and facilitate optimal management of this disease. How can imaging help in the detection, staging and differentiation of renal masses?


Imaging in Renal Mass: Diagnostic and Local Staging
By: Prof. Pilar Laguna, the Netherlands

Join us online this week as we feature Prof. Pilar Laguna’s eSeries on imaging in renal masses. In this eSeries, Prof. Laguna discusses the utility of the different imaging tests available in the diagnosis and local staging of renal masses, the indications and contraindications of each based on current guidelines, as well as the limitations and pitfalls.

Click here to view a short clip of her presentation.To watch the complete eSeries, log in to SIU Academy and click on the Latest eSeries’ banner in the What’s Trending tab.

You can also test your knowledge of the subject by completing the pre- and post-test questions that complement this presentation.

EUREP 2015 Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

4-9 сентября 2015 г.

Европейская образовательная Программа в области урологии для резидентов (EUREP) является одной из ведущих учебных программ Европейской школы урологии (ESU). Программа предназначена исключительно для резидентов на последнем году обучения. Формат EUREP обеспечивает практически полное обновление и обзор современной урологической практики, представленной лучшими европейскими лекторами. Полный шестидневный курс включает в себя занятия с использованием новейшей лекционной методики, дополненные интерактивным обсуждением конкретных кейсов, видеоматериалами, а также элементами тестирования полученных знаний.

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