EAU16 - Sunday 13 March 2016: Highlights from Day 3
EAU16 - Sunday 13 March 2016: Highlights from Day 3
31st Annual EAU Congress
From new imaging technologies, managing high risk prostate cancer (PCa) to the challenges posed by new drugs that present alternatives to standard treatment regimens, PCa experts today examined the various ways on how to offer optimal diagnostics and therapy to patients, particularly those with recurring disease.

The Andrology Update 2016 during Thematic Session 5 exclusively featured state-of-the-art lectures including one that highlighted erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment after radical prostatectomy (RP) and how to choose the right method for the right patient.

Experts clarified issues on stone diagnosis, prevention and treatment and the recurring message among the speakers was the tendency of urologists to lump together patients in one category despite the subtle -and yet crucial- differences in their disease and individual needs.

A group of Australian doctors has prepared patients for surgery using iPads, and found that patients’ understanding was much better than after a face-to-face consultation.

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