New UROwebinar: Robotic kidney transplantation
NEW – UROwebinar by the European School of Urology
Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

You are invited to the engaging and highly informative session "Robotic kidney transplantation: step by step" which is the fourth in our ESU Webinar series

Mark your calendar as "busy" on:
26 September, 2016 at 18:30hrs CEST 

What will this webinar cover?

The da Vinci® Surgical System has expanded the possibilities of performing and reproducing complex operations. It provides operative advantages in terms of seven freedom degree, tremor filtration, three-dimensional vision and camera control. These advantages are useful especially in cases such as deep and narrow field, and when a micro suturing and/or fine dissection are required for delicate tissue manipulation. For these reasons, the robotic approach has become a promising novel technique in kidney transplantation surgery since 2010 when the first pure robotic transplant was described.
Dr. Alberto Breda (ES) will address topics such as:
  • Development of the robotic kidney transplantation
  • Surgical steps of the procedure
  • Tip and tricks
Robotic kidney transplantation: step by step is the fourth in our ESU Webinar series


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