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Third day of the 30th Anniversary EAU Congress Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

EAU15: Day 3
Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

Another full programme on the third day of the 30th Anniversary EAU Congress in a rather chilly Madrid. The great variety of Video and Poster Sessions, Thematic Sessions, and ESU Courses is keeping all of us comfortably warm. Today’s Plenary Session focused on prostate cancer, as did several of the other sessions and courses. Other topics included bladder cancer, male LUTS, and paediatrics.
Of course the Twitter conversation continues to connect delegates and even allows those who could not make it to Madrid to get a taste of the great work that is being presented here. Photographic highlights can be viewed on our Facebook page and all award winners of the day are listed there as well. Pick up the latest edition of EUT Congress News for full coverage or download the PDF from the Congress Website.

P-A. Abrahamsson & C.R. Chapple
Departing and Incumbent EAU Secretary Generals

 High risk PCa: Better curative therapy remains elusive
Experts examined yesterday controversies, treatment insights and uncertainties in multi-modal approaches in prostate cancer during Plenary Session 2 with some speakers underscoring the lack of convincing data and others reiterating the message that, at best, patients with aggressiveprostate cancer can only be assured of limited survival benefit.
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Trends in bladder cancer treatment
Bladder cancer is a common urological malignancy but is much more complex compared to others because of multiple mutations in cells. Moreover, treatment is expensive because of the high risk of recurrence and the cost of cystoscopies.
Read more >
Patient-centered approach: An important cultural aspect of urology
Despite best efforts, patients are still not entirely satisfied with the information that they receive from their doctors, and research shows that this may affect their quality of life.
Read more >
Measuring and improving prostate cancer care
Medical coverage in the United States presents unique challenges related to costs. They can be tackled through enabling partnerships between the medical community and insurance companies, but most importantly, by thinking out of the box.
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mCRPC looks at novel research
Much research has been done on new treatment modalities for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) but the cross resistance between these therapies needs to be understood better.
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Large prostates: knife or laser?
The Thematic Session on Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) attracted a big audience for state-of-the-art lectures on the most current issues and treatments of LUTS.
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Cracking the biomarker market
The current biomarker research field is humming with activity but the numbers and frequency of new biomarkers coming in doesn’t always translate to efficient clinical use, prompting researchers to ask if their efforts are worth the long and tedious process.
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@BertrandTOMBAL: Panel recommend Whole body MRI to stage advanced #prostatecancer at #EAU15 @Uroweb

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