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The 30th Anniversary EAU Congress is now in full swing Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

EAU15: Day 2
Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

The 30th Anniversary EAU Congress is now in full swing with more than 12,000 delegates enjoying the great variety of meetings, courses, and poster sessions that were organised today. The Young Urologists Office held its full-day programme dedicated to residents and young urologists and as always the second congress day started with the General Assembly. Today’s edition of EAU News gives you a flavour of this diverse day.
We hope you appreciated the special Social Media Hands-on Training sessions that also took place today. It’s great to see that so many of you are engaging in the Twitter conversation with #EAU15; sometimes sharing science or raising questions, sometimes networking and renewing (online) friendships. Photographic impressions are available on our Facebook page and all awards winners are also posted there. Read the EUT Congress News for full coverage of this congress day or download the PDF from the Congress Website.
P-A. Abrahamsson & C.R. Chapple

Departing and Incumbent EAU Secretary Generals
Chapple assumes Secretary General post
Barely two hours after the second day of the Congress opened with the EAU General Assembly, the association welcomed a new Secretary General and a new Executive Member responsible for Science.

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Value and limitations of PET/CT in PCa
The value and limitations of PET/CT scans in prostate cancer were discussed in the Meeting of the European Section of Urological Imaging (ESUI).

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Molecularly targeted precision surgery in PCa
Molecularly targeted precision surgery for prostate cancer is expected to enable surgeons to refine their techniques in reducing positive surgical margins (PSM), and thereby contribute to lowering rates of biochemical recurrence.

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Future of targeted prostate cancer treatment
As treatment options become more refined and comprehensive, the tools available to the urologist or clinical oncologist to effectively target this treatment become more important. Systems that give precision on a molecular level are becoming a reality.

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Robot-assisted radical cystectomy: still not the new standard
Robot-assisted radical cystectomy fails to clinch the title “new standard” as bladder cancer experts yesterday looked into recent data-or the lack thereof-that could support a crucial advantage over the traditional or open surgery approach.

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Maximising minimally invasive surgery
The Joint Meeting of the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) and the EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) highlighted the need for multidisciplinary teams in the treatment of urological cancers, and presented the case for robotic surgery.

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Combination of pathology and research in prostate cancer
The Joint Meeting of the EAU Section of Uropathology (ESUP) and the EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR) stressed the importance of combining pathology with morphology in modern medical practice and research.

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How to access the EAU15 Resource Centre?
If you're not able to attend in Madrid, you can still enjoy the scientific content of the EAU15 Congress thanks to the Resource Centre. How does it work?


There are 2 ways to buy access to all items of scientific content in the EAU15 Resource Centre:
  1. Log in with your MyEAU Account or congress badge barcode. Click on the ‘Buy Access’ button on the landing page (below the search box and at the top of the search result page). You will get a pop-up screen with all information regarding payment. It will lead you through the purchase process step by step.

  2. Click on an item of your interest. If you are not entitled to access this content, you will get a pop-up screen with all information regarding the payment. It will lead you through the purchase process step by step.
Residents Day: Showing young specialists the EAU way
During the 30th Anniversary Congress in Madrid, Residents and Young Urologists Day provided young residents the opportunity to get acquainted with the EAU, encouraged to participate in organisational activities, and to take advantage of the opportunities the organisation provides. The European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU) is now officially part of the EAU, under the Young Urologists Office (YUO).

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@onco_uroloog: #EAU15 would think that urologists know smoking =risk factor #BladderCancer, so why so many blocking the way in and out halls smoking?

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