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The 30th Anniversary EAU Congress is off to a great start! Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

EAU15: Day 1  
Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

The 30th Anniversary EAU Congress is off to a great start! Throughout the day there were 12 Urology Beyond Europe sessions, highlighting the international and collaborative nature of our organisation, and several Special Sessions, showing the EAU’s diversity. In this first edition of EAU News from Madrid, you can read about several of these highpoints.
  Don’t forget to follow, or better yet join, the conversation on Twitter with #EAU15 and check our Facebook page for pictures of the awards winners and impressions from the congress floor. Check EUT Congress News for the most comprehensive coverage. Incidentally, this is the last introduction from my hand, as Prof. Chris Chapple will take it over as EAU Secretary General tomorrow morning!


Enjoy our anniversary congress!

P-A. Abrahamsson
EAU Secretary General

Abrahamsson bids adieu in upbeat opening ceremony
With the upbeat tune from a brass band ushering participants to the main hall and the fiery staccato number from a flamenco dance troupe, the 30th Anniversary Congress opened yesterday, another landmark in the annual congress history.

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Personalised medicine: clinical trials are crucial
The need for personalized medicine will further expand as patient demand for efficient therapy with less side effects increases, on the one hand, and medicine develops gene-baseddiagnostics and sophisticated imaging techniques, on the other.

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2nd ESO PCa Observatory shows perspectives in multidisciplinary approach
The speakers at the 2nd ESO Prostate Cancer Observatory, each representing a different discipline, prompted Prof. Karim Touijer (USA) to say that everyone is quite aware that there is much to gain from collaboration.

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Decision-making challenges in China and the world
Continuing with the tradition of cooperation and information exchange, the EAU-World Chinese Urologists session focussed on the importance of correct diagnosis to improve the decision-making process regarding treatment for patients presenting with a range of urological maladies, from LUTS to OAB, and from Prostate Cancer to urinary diversion.

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PAUSA addresses ongoing challenges in African urology
The lack of urologists, insufficient proper training, poverty and complications from female genital mutilation, are among the pressing issues in Africa, which were discussed during the Joint Session of the EAU and the Pan-African Urological Surgeons’ Association (PAUSA).

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Young Academic Urologists represent the future of EAU
During the interactive Meeting of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU), all YAU working parties got to present themselves and the work they carry out. At the end of this Special Session, Secretary General Elect Prof. Chris Chapple (GB) and Editor-in-Chief of European Urology, Mr. Jim Catto (GB), presented their vision on the role of YAU within the EAU and EU.

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Explore 30 Years of EAU Congress History
Travel back in time and enjoy the history of 30 Annual EAU Congresses on our special Congress History website. Meet our former Congress Presidents and explore all the highlights that 30 Annual EAU Congresses have brought!

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All the latest #EAU15 scientific content such as webcasts, abstracts, articles and live streams can be found in the EAU15 Resource Center. Delegates have free access! >
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A huge congrats to my great friend @MRoupret on the @Uroweb Crystal Matula Award! So exciting! HT @VMisrai #EAU15


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