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The Best of EAU15: Urothelial Cancers Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

 The Best of EAU15: Urothelial Cancers

The Best of EAU15 continues to bring you highlights from our Annual Congress. This week, we present the best that EAU15 has to offer on urothelial cancers, as selected by experts in the field. Please enjoy this selection of free previews from the EAU15 Resource Centre!

 Point-counterpoint: BCG alone - still the gold standard?

 Yes: Amongst other points, Prof. Maximilian Burger points out that in non-muscle invasive high-risk bladder cancer BCG remains the sole form of treatment other than early cystectomy with solid evidence.
 View webcast >

 No: Dr. Kay Thomas contends that, while BCG is a great success story for urology, BCG alone is inadequate.

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 Molecular profiling in bladder cancer - The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project

 Dr. Seth Lerner shares the latest data from the TCGA project, reviews key translatable findings and asks if urology is ready for personalized genomic therapy.
 View webcast >

 Extended lymph node dissection in bladder cancer – What is the evidence?

 Prof. Jürgen Erich Gschwend presents the available information from published retrospective and prospective studies on extended versus limited lymph node dissection during radical cystectomy in bladder cancer.
 View webcast >

 Other presentations on urothelial cancer

 Is robotic cystectomy the future standard? - Yes
 Prof. Peter Wiklund
 View >

 State-of-the-art lecture:
 Immunotherapy - Bladder cancer
 Dr. Thomas Powles
 View >

 State-of-the-art lecture:
 When BCG fails
 Prof. John Kelly

 View >

 More on Urothelial Cancer

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