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Dear Shulyak Alexandr,

Hello and a very warm welcome to this edition of EMJ Urology, our third and final urology-based publication of 2015 in what has been another exciting year for the field. Once again, our staff have compiled a fascinating and insightful selection of articles that we hope will provide our readers with a timely overview of the current state of urological medicine. For many of you, the focal point of this eJournal will surely be our in-depth review of one of the most important urological events of 2015: the 11th National Endourology Congress, which took place in Antalya, Turkey on 23rd-26th April. The findings on show highlighted the progress made in safe and effective endourological procedures.


We proudly present to you the comprehensive guide to this prestigious event, featuring detailed accounts of the most important developments as well as reports on a host of innovative presentations and discussions direct from the show floor. Undoubtedly, one of the key talking points at the congress was robotic-assisted surgery, which has emerged quickly in recent years as an essential component in many urological procedures. In the interest of providing an exhaustive record of the weekend’s events, we have also included interviews with a selection of attendees and a number of summaries of sessions presented at the congress. We trust that this content serves as a refresher for those fortunate enough to attend, and an indispensable resource for those unable to do so.


What's included in this edition of EMJ Urology?


Editorial Board


Congress Review
Review of the 11th National Congress of Endourology held in Antalya, Turkey,
23rd-26th April 2015

Interviews with Dr Canda and Profs Balbay and Taşçi


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We hope you enjoy reading this edition of EMJ Urology. It is our desire to provide our readership with an invaluable tool for research and discovery, and our ultimate goal is to develop the scientific knowledge and medical practice of physicians and researchers alike, in turn providing better treatment options and outcomes for patients. EMJ is also a platform for discussion, and to that end we have a strong presence on a multitude of social media platforms, so feel free to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as the EMJ website.


Warm regards,


Zoë Webster

Head of Publishing



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