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Press Release
The virtual museum tells the history of urology by unifying continent’s collections of instruments 

Arnhem, the Netherlands, 5 November 2015 – The European Association of Urology, Europe’s largest community in the field of urology, is launching the virtual European Museum of Urology. The online museum brings together different European collections of urological objects, from private and public collections alike. By combining relatively small and geographically diverse collections, the European Museum of Urology offers one large collection featuring many rarities. The European Museum of Urology is the culmination of many years of work done by the EAU’s History Office.

The Story of urology
The museum features an archive with pictures of individual instruments, mementos and other objects of historical value. The “Story of Urology” is told through new research and material adapted from previous EAU History Office publications, and it is illustrated with the new photos from the Museum’s collections. Rather than simply displaying items from a single collection, the European Museum of Urology truly spans the continent. At the moment, it features collections from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Finland. Future additions are expected from Central Europe. The European Museum of History can be accessed through

Highlights of the Virtual Museum
At the moment, the EAU’s European Museum of Urology features many rarities. For example:
  • The proto-endoscope, the “light-conductor” by Philipp Bozzini, dated 1805 [Download photo]
  • The first endoscope by Antoine Desormeaux of 1857 [Download photo]
  • Surgical instruments by the famous French instrument maker Benoȋt Charrière from the 19th century
  • Early blind lithotriptors from the 19th century [Download photo]
  • Gustave Trouvé’s polyscope of 1873, a little case for different endoscopic procedures. [Download photo]
Mrs. Michaela Zykan, Curator of the European Museum of Urology: “The museum presents a unique achievement in unifying a variety of urological museums or collections from across Europe in one digital museum. Another goal of course is to show the history of urology with all its main personalities and pioneers in the most comprehensive way possible. The History of Urology, paired with specific instruments are the ideal foundation of this comprehensive endeavour.  All historically-minded urologists are invited to contribute!”

6th International Congress on the History of Urology
The EAU History Office is organising the 6th International Congress on the History of Urology on March 11th 2016, the first day of the Annual EAU Congress (EAU16), taking place in Munich. At the Congress, delegates can further acquaint themselves with the digital museum, and items from the museum’s collections will also be on display. The full-day programme highlights the history of urology on all six inhabited continents, organised around four distinct topics:
  • Worldwide roots– international contributions to early urology
  • Politics– the establishment of societies, standards and regulation
  • Pioneers– the personalities and stories behind innovators of the field
  • Sex around the world– attitudes and practices across the globe
More information and the preliminary programme of the International Congress on the History of Urology is available here.
About the European Association of Urology
The European Association of Urology is a non-profit organisation which supports medical professionals working in the field of urology through many of its scientific, professional, educational and awareness-building initiatives. The overarching mission is to raise the level of urological care in Europe, and for many years this has been done through educational and scientific programmes aimed at urologists. Today the EAU represents more than 14,000 medical professionals working in Europe and beyond its borders. One of the initiatives is the development of Patient Information, providing reliable patient information on urological diseases which takes into account the latest scientific evidence, expert recommendations, and the needs of patients.

EAU History Office
The EAU History Office conducts research into the origins of Urology, documenting the beginnings and major developments of the field. The content generated by the Office and its diverse contributors finds its way into the many publications that the EAU offers its members. By researching and publishing the history of urology, the History Office contributes to the identity of the field.

More information
European Association of Urology
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T: 0031 263890680
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