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Urology Week 2016 Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

Urology Week is an initiative of the European Association of Urology (EAU), which aims to raise awareness of urological conditions among the general public. This year Urology Week will take place from 20-26 September and we invite you to contribute to spread the word. 

By bringing together national urological societies, urology practitioners, urology nurses, the patients and their families, and politicians we would like to start relevant discussions and share experiences. It is the ideal opportunity to educate people on what urology is truly about. The central theme for the 2016 edition is Quality of Life, highlighting what is important in life and how it impacts urological patients and their relatives.  

How to Contribute

You can be an ambassador for Urology Week! There are many ways you can spread the word, but we give you a selection of how you can contribute:  

  1. Reach out to your community It is striking how little the general audience knows about urology. By improving urological care we have to start by increasing awareness of urology. Mount the Urology Week posters at your hospital and increase the visibility of urology. You can download the poster via the Urology Week website and in the next edition of European Urology Today there is one included.  
  2. Share via social media Social media is a powerful tool. A tweet, Facebook and/or Instagram post and a like can propel Urology Week. Take a selfie next to the Urology Week poster and/or the “I Support Urology Week” sign. Then share your photo via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the official hashtag #UrologyWeek. We are also interested in stories and experiences that can help others see urology in a different light. Sharing these stories can make others in the same situation feel that they are not alone. 
  3. Organise an event Start and/or participate at a local event. Sports related events like a sponsored run or soccer game always attract a lot of attention, but also an Open Day at your hospital is interesting to join for your local community  
  4. Contact local media Media play a vital role in gaining publicity and reaching larger audiences. Human interest stories is what they are looking for. Contact your local media to submit an article or get a radio or television station involved, e.g. for a urology Q&A.

These are just a few examples of what you can do. Visit the Urology Week website for some additional inspiration. If you are organising an event as part of Urology Week, do let us know. You can submit your event online and we will help you promoting your event via the EAU community.  

Join us in raising the profile of urology! 

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