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EAU Newsletter September 2016

Dear Prof. Aleksandr Shulyak,

It’s officially autumn in a few weeks but with the warm weather, it seems that summer is staying for just a bit longer. This month we bring you the updates that you need, no matter the season.
Grab the unique opportunity to present your work to an expert audience in London at the anticipated EAU17! Know why refined patient selection is crucial to improve impact of chemotherapy for bladder cancer patients at EMUC16. Learn the many ways how you can to partipate in Urology Week, which is happening in just two weeks! Read on and enjoy!


Surgery in Motion School launches in September

Surgery in Motion School will premiere at the 13th Meeting of the EAU Robotic Urology Section(ERUS16) on 14-16 September! 

In this innovative video platform, surgical procedures in robotics, laparoscopy, endourology lower- and upper urinary tract will be explained step-by-step.

Sign up and receive monthly updates on special techniques, tips and tricks, and complications management! You can access this platform anytime, anywhere.  Navigate with ease; compare and share with colleagues the various procedures and techniques demonstrated by the best surgeons! Surgery in Motion School is designed to complement your skills training. This platform is initiated by the European Association of UrologyEuropean School of Urology, and European Urology. Know more here.


EMUC16: Patient selection, NAC impact for BCa patients

Bladder cancer, widely considered as an underfunded area in urological malignancies, requires a more refined clinical staging if patients are to optimally benefit from treatment such as neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC).

The first step in improving the impact of NAC is to refine clinical staging in order to accurately identify those patients likely to progress despite radical cystectomy alone. Know more at the the 8th European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancers (EMUC16), which will take place from 24-27 November 2016 in Milan, Italy.

read more

Submit your abstract for EAU17 in London

Submit your abstract for the much-awaited EAU17 via the online abstract submission system on or before 1 November 2016.


Some practical do’s & don’ts in submitting an abstract

In the previous EAU congress in Munich, more than 4,400 abstracts were submitted but only 29% were accepted. Competition is tough. Here are handy tips on how your abstract can get the attention it deserves:
  • Deliver a clean, precisely worded text free from grammatical and spelling errors. Avoid vague descriptions. Reviewers are less impressed when language is cluttered with unnecessary details;
  • Carefully phrase your concluding statements and emphasise the significance of your study. Concise statements make an impact.
Click here to continue reading about the do's & don'ts of submitting an abstract. These are only a few suggestions. Please refer to the Abstract Rules and Regulations for more information. Watch this video and hear it from the reviewers themselves.

Register your event for a good cause!

Register your event for a good cause!

Start and/or participate at a local event for Urology Week. Volunteering to help within your community is also a great alternative! If you’re a urologist, you can brainstorm and organise an “Open Day” at your clinic. There are a lot of ways to participate! Clickhere to register your event.


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