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EAU Newsletter October 2016
Dear Dr. A. Shulyak,

We want to thank you for making Urology Week a success! From organising events like marathons and open-days at your clinics; posting your selfies with the “I Support Urology Week” sign on social media; and sharing your stories to further spread the importance of urological health. We couldn't have done it without your help!

This month, we bring you other exciting news and friendly reminders to attend the best of the best meetings and masterclasses! Also, there are many international exchange programmes that you might be interested in. Get ready to mark your calendar!

Please share this information with the members of your society by forwarding this email!

Interested in learning about an alternative to radical treatments for PCa? Sign up for the Masterclass on Focal Therapy and get the latest developments straight from the experts. Secure your place because there is only limited space available!
For your optimal learning, new energies such as athermal energies to reduce side effects, new biopsy techniques for PCa diagnosis, and new tools to improve accuracy in treatment will be discussed. And to learn by doing, hands-on training courses will be provided as well. Apply before 24 October!

Submit your abstract for EAU17 in London
Submit your abstract for the much-anticipated 32nd Annual EAU Congress via the online abstract submission system before 1 November 2016.

The EAU-AUA International Exchange Programme aims to promote the international exchange of urological medical skills, expertise and knowledge. The upcoming 2017 American Tour will grant three EAU members to travel to and attend the AUA Annual Meeting in Boston (12 to 16 May 2017); participate in an extended ten-day travel programme; and visit several urology centres in the United States. Check your eligibility for the international exchange programme now and fill out the form!
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Register your event for a good cause!
For those interested in attending both the EMUC16 and ESUI16 meetings in Milan this coming November, you will receive a discount on your registration fee when you register for both events. For more information, check out the EMUC16 website.
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The proposal to set up an ERN for rare and complex urogenital diseases and conditions (eUROGEN), developed by the EAU in close partnership with all national European urological societies, has successfully passed the first evaluation stage by the European Commission. Five years since the publication of the Directive on the Application of Patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (Directive 2011/24/EU), the ERN concept is finally becoming a reality. 

eUROGEN aims to improve diagnosis, create more equitable access to high quality treatment and care for patients with rare urogenital diseases and complex conditions needing highly specialised surgery.
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The EAU/JUA International Exchange Programme will provide grants to two EAU members to travel to Japan. The programme will begin in April 2017 starting with visits to urological facilities in Japan, and culminating with participation in the 105th Annual JUA Meeting in Kagoshima City.
Interested? Please apply before 1 November. See the Exchange Programme page to download the form and for more info on the criteria and impressions from 2015 and 2016.

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (iCPS) held the Bladder Cancer Europe 2016 meeting in Brussels to highlight the importance of tackling bladder cancer issues. Several EAU representatives were present and contributed to the Bladder Cancer Health Report 2016, issued by Government Gazette. Read all about the recommendations for the ongoing challenges in managing bladder cancer and exploration of practical solutions for an EU-wide consensus in the Bladder Cancer Health Report 2016.

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