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Seeing Beyond LUTS: Let’s Talk About the Hidden Conditions Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail
Join us one more time on SIU@U as we commemorate the best of our 2016 sessions.
 This week, we feature one of the 2016 Congress most popular sessions.

This program builds upon the success of last year's program, BPH/LUTS: Understanding Facts, Debunking Myths, and expands the discussion to those patients we often see at our clinics—elderly patients with BPH/LUTS and comorbidities.
Scientific Chair: Stavros Gravas, Greece
Panelists: Joyce Baard, The Netherlands / Jack Barkin, Canada / Mauro Gacci, Italy
Peter Gilling, New Zealand / Mauricio Plata, Colombia
In this program, our faculty will explore patient what-if scenarios with a focus on providing practical tips tailored to the interests of the practicing urologist. Our esteemed panelists will take you through challenging cases of LUTS with co-existing:
Erectile dysfunction
Metabolic syndrome
Cardiovascular disease
Parkinson’s disease
Discussions include:
Which surgical treatment is recommended in patients who are on anticoagulant therapy?
How to manage patients with LUTS and Parkinson's disease?
How do we treat metabolic syndrome in the context of LUTS?
How do we conduct a cardiac risk assessment to manage patients with LUTS and cardiovascular disease?
Why is it important to treat erectile dysfunction in patients with LUTS?
"Wonderful discussion. Very well presented." — Gyanendra Singh Tak, Dubai
How to access:
To view this session and the best from the SIU 2016 Congress, click here. Registration is required to access sessions.
There are only 11 days left to access SIU@U 2016. The platform will close on December 31, 2016.
This educational activity has been funded by SIU's Corporate Sponsor, GlaxoSmithKline.
All contents of this educational activity have been developed by the faculty appointed by SIU.
REGISTRATION IS FREE. To access sessions or to sign up,lease click here.        
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