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Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) Congress becomes an annual ESMO event Версия для печати Отправить на e-mail

Lugano, 7 March 2017 - ESMO, the leading European organisation for medical oncology, has announced it will take over the organisation of the Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT) Congress series, with the aim of expanding its educational offer and ensure that professionals are kept up to date with the latest drug developments to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Starting in 2018, the TAT Congress, considered the “home of phase 1 in oncology,” will take place annually in Europe, with next year’s congress organised in March in Paris, France.

“Early drug development in oncology is undergoing a revolution,” said the Scientific Chair of TAT, Professor Jean-Charles Soria of South-Paris University and Chair of the Drug Development Department at Gustave Roussy Cancer Centre in Paris, France. “Phase 1 trials are no longer the exclusive domain of highly specialised investigators and scientists. They are now a field where academia, industry, clinicians, researchers, regulators and scientists discuss together to speed up the development of new anti-cancer treatment for the benefit of cancer patients. Safety/toxicity is no longer the only focus of phase 1 studies. Goals have broadened to include clinical activity/response and biomarker research.”

“The role of early-phase trials in oncology drug development has changed dramatically with the advent of precision medicine,” said ESMO President Fortunato Ciardiello. “ESMO is committed to the organisation of events and educational activities that provide comprehensive updates on the latest developments, be it in clinical practice or in earlier phases of development, as stated in the second pillar of the ESMO 2020 Vision, Specialised Education. It is only natural for ESMO to include such a fundamental event in our educational offer providing an expanded program as well as a broader experience to attending professionals,” Ciardiello continued.

ESMO takes over the organisation of TAT from the NDDO Education Foundation, which initiated this congress series in 2002. “We are very pleased to see that ESMO recognises the value of TAT and that we are now in the position to pass on this congress series to Europe's leading medical oncology society. We are confident that ESMO will build upon what we have achieved and will enhance the role of TAT in the oncology community,” said Chris Maats, chairman of the Board of the Foundation.

“TAT offers a top-quality programme, put together by a distinguished international advisory board, covering the most promising new drugs and targets under development in early phase clinical and translational research, as well as drugs close to entering clinical development,” explained Josep Tabernero, ESMO President Elect and member of the TAT 2017 Organising Committee. “If you want to know what your clinical practice is going to be like in five to ten years, this is the meeting to attend. TAT offers a glimpse into the future.”


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About the European Society for Medical Oncology

ESMO is the leading professional organisation for medical oncology. With over 15,000 members representing oncology professionals from over 130 countries worldwide, ESMO is the society of reference for oncology education and information. We are committed to supporting our members to develop and advance in a fast-evolving professional environment.

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