EAU Madrid 2015: Access to Exhibition - (Inter)national regulations

30th Annual EAU Congress, Madrid, 20-24 March 2015 

Dear participant,

During the 30th Annual EAU Congress, the Exhibition booths and Industry Sessions that are related to prescription-only medicines will only be accessible to certified healthcare professionals who are qualified to prescribe medicines, and pharmacists.

Based on information provided by the registering party, the EAU will indicate on the congress badges if the bearer has accreditation to access the exhibition booths and industry sessions related to prescription-only medicines. Accredited persons will have a letter “P” on their badge.

It is the responsibility of the registering party to provide correct information and the EAU holds no responsibility with regards to the information provided. This measure is in accordance with national and international pharmaceutical guidelines.

We kindly ask you to indicate through the link below if you are a prescriber, non-prescriber or pharmacist.


Kind regards

The Registration Department - Congress Consultants B.V.

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