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SIU 2016 Programme Highlights
SIU 2016 offers a diverse and cutting-edge scientific programme covering a variety of urological topics that address the needs of urologists from various practice and geographical settings. For full programme details, visit our website, or browse some programme highlights below.
Shifting Sands: Systemic Therapy vs. Immunotherapy
Chair: Fred Saad, Canada
Sunday, October 23
Covering topics such as:
Evolution of Systemic Therapies: From Cytotoxics to Targets to Immunotherapies
Bladder Cancer: Chemotherapy or Immununotherapy? Evolution of Systemic and Intravesical Therapies
Kidney Cancer: Targeted Therapy or Immunotherapy in the Adjuvant and Systemic Setting
Prostate Cancer: Cytotoxics, Hormonal Targets and Immunotherapy in 2016 Non-Seminomatous Testicular Cancer?
Indication for Organ-Sparing Surgery in Testicular Lesions
Surgical Tips 
Global Perspectives: Urethral Reconstruction
Chair: Margit Fisch, Germany
Saturday, October 22
Covering topics such as:
Buccal Mucosa Bulbar Urethroplasty
Bulbar End-to-End
Complex Penobulbar Stricture
Penile Dorsal Inlay
Post-Traumatic Stricture
Parallel Plenary 
Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment
Chair: Antonio Finelli, Canada
Monday, October 21
Covering topics such as:
Prostate and Kidney Cancer
Asymptomatic Stones
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